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Tamworth Street Angels are a group of people who are working together  to ensure that those who come into to our town to have fun do so safely, but there is more to it than just supporting the partying population for we are also there for the homeless and people who might find themselves in our town centre with needs.

We exist to promote the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of those who form the Tamworth town centre nightlife by the provision of pastoral care and support, without distinction of race, sex, gender, political, religious or other opinion of the members of that community. Our stated aims are:

To support, care and treat persons in need who are homeless and suffering from the effects of poverty, sickness, disability, old age, alcoholism, drug addiction, offending behaviour, or any other mental or physical infirmity, as an expression of Christian faith – working with people of all faiths and none.

Tamworth Street Angels is part of the CNI (Christian Nightlife Initiative) and is working in partnership with Tamworth Covenanting Churches, The Samaritans, St John’s Ambulance and Staffordshire Police. One of the tangible benefits to any town with a Street Angels group operating in it is the reduction in harmful or offensive behaviour and subsequent arrests.

People from all backgrounds are welcome to apply to become volunteers in Street Angels as long as they are in sympathy with the aims of the organisation regardless of religious affiliation.


Tamworth Street Angels is local branch of Street Angels – Christian Nightlife Initiatives
Registered charity 1136416                     Company Limited by Guarantee 07173090

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