Monthly Archives: September 2014

First Aid Training

The next First Aid  Course will take place on Sunday 30th November.

The training begins at 12:30 and will end somewhere before 20:00.
Food will be provided.

Venue: St Francis’ Church

This is a one-day course which provides all the necessary skills to deal with the majority of the medical situations we encounter on the streets and enables us to triage and pass over any injured (or unwell) people to the Ambulance service should this be required (and, generally, it rarely is).

If you are a Street Angel and have not done this course yet then please consider attending this as a matter of importance as it is something of great value on the streets, in the workplace and in the home too.

The trainer is not only experienced and is in great ┬ádemand so having them teach is a real blessing – please take advantage of this opportunity.