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Come and meet the Street Angels

There is an opportunity to find out more about what being a Street Angels is all about  and to find out whether it’s the right thing for you to get involved in.

This meeting will answer your questions and hopefully get you to get involved with one of Tamworth’s best ‘safer streets’ initiatives.

Come and find out more:


Out on the streets – Tamworth Safer Town 20th December



Outside ‘Wherever’ we met up with Staffordshire Police’s  Chief Superintendent Paul Trevor who kindly agreed to have his photograph taken with us.

Paul spoke warmly of the work done by the various groups within his area and paid tribute to the work of the Lichfield Listener’s, Burton Street Angels and others who give up their time to make our streets safer and support those who come out to enjoy all that our communities have to offer.

I’d like to thank the many door staff and, of course, the Police who are so supportive,  engaged and welcoming towards us and our work.

Merry Christmas one and all (see you on the 27th December)

Christmas on the Streets

Tamworth Street Angels_Dec13


Well Christmas Day has come and gone and on the three Fridays before it we were out there making the party go with joy and  cheers rather than upset and tears!

As part of the ‘Safer Town’ project we were out there on Friday the twentieth of December with the police, sexual health teams and the Samaritans and were joined a bit later by Paul Blakey and his wife (Paul being the founder of Street Angels) – the two teams on the ground that night managing to cover the streets from 7pm until 3am in wild, wet and windy conditions.

The night saw us help people get home, hand out flip flops, perform first aid and generally get out there with those who’d come to party – and it was a great joy to be doing it.

If you’d like to get involved we have an introduction and induction evening coming up in January.

Date: Thursday 16th  January 2014

Venue: St Francis’ Church, Masefield Drive   B79 8JB

Time: 7:30pm


Why not come along and find out more?

‘Street Angels’ scheme will make Tamworth a safer place

Helen Machin – Tamworth Herald (14th November)

TEAMS of Street Angels are to take to Tamworth town centre from the end of this month as a scheme to make visitors and revellers feel safe gets underway.

At a meeting last week, six teams of four angels were formed and will take turns to patrol the town’s streets between 10.30pm and 2.30am.

Each team will have a trained First Responder with appropriate kit and a Townsafe radio linked to the Townsafe network and the other groups on the night patrols.

They will carry special foil hoodies for revellers who are suffering from cold.

Additionally, each team will carry flip-flops to replace lost shoes or high heels, water, tissues, wet wipes, plasters, rubber gloves and any other items required to clean up vomit or enable first-aid.

The Street Angels will wear labelled high-vis jackets.

Last weeks meeting about the Angels welcomed special guests Jean and Paul Blakey who set up the first Street Angels in Halifax in 2005.

Street Angel schemes now run in 125 towns in the UK and in 2012 the couple won the Big Society Award.

Leyfield’s vicar Vic Van Den Bergh is behind the Tamworth scheme.

He said: “We will be patrolling areas where people are vulnerable as a result of binge drinking, becoming emotionally upset, losing mobile phones, keys, wallets, friends, even breaking their high heels.  

“In every city, town or village where there are Street Angels, not only have the results been a safer environment, but also official statistics have shown significant reductions in petty crimes of assault, vandalism and theft, which obviously equal savings to us all. It was quoted that each call for an ambulance, resulting in a person going to A&E, without further treatment, costs the NHS £450. Many are low-level first-aid needs and such incidents could be safely dealt with on the street with considerable savings.”

The teams of four are radio coordinated and linked to CCTV and will be trained in conflict resolution.

Vic added: “Ultimately, what we all want, our town to be safer at night for our children, teenagers, residents and visitors – where there are no ‘no-go’ areas and people can return home safely.

That is why Tamworth Street Angels will be on the streets of our town on November 30, as the Christmas lights go on and the party season begins.”


Read more:

Out on the Streets with Street Angels

Last night the Street Angels were out from 19:00 – 03:00 (Yes – EIGHT whole hours), and:

We put on plasters

Picked up unconscious people

Mopped up sick

Handed out flip flops – Lollies – Water

Talked to underage drinkers (to persuade them to go home before they were pulled up by the police for trying to get into clubs when EVERYBODY knew they weren’t 18!)

Stopped people being assaulted

Stemmed the flow of blood from a head wound

Picked up someone from the floor and tucked them up for the night


met so many really wonderfully nice people in and around Tamworth!

It’s so much fun that I can’t understand why we don’t have enough volunteers to do this every night!