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Search for ‘Street Angels’ to make Tamworth safer

By Tamworth Herald: November 03, 2013

VOLUNTEERS are being sought to join teams of ‘Street Angels’ set to patrol Tamworth town centre at night to lend a helping hand to revellers. The scheme is being set up by local vicar Vic Van Den Bergh who is hoping the ‘Angels’ will be out on the streets from the end of November. Vic is the minister at St Francis Church in Leyfields and is also chaplain to Staffordshire Police.


He said: “Things have quietened down a lot in the town centre over the last ten years, but we have around 2,000 visitors to the town centre in the evenings Street Angels will provide a good opportunity for us to get out and help those who need it. It is not just about dealing with drunk people, but people become vulnerable when they have been drinking. We can help people who have lost their keys or their wallets – we will hand out flip flops to girls who can’t walk in their heels and we can be a support to the homeless.”

Teams of four Street Angels will patrol at any one time, between 10pm and 2.30am. Initially the scheme will be just one night a week, but Vic is hopeful that eventually it can be rolled out to several nights a week. An initial pool of around 20 to 25 people are needed for the first rota.

Vic added: “We will also help tidy up the town, picking up bottles and moving shopping trolleys and that sort of thing. It’s a great opportunity to care for people and to help make being in our town a safe experience for people. Street Angels will be people from our community helping people in our community.”

Each patrol of Street Angels will have a leader with a radio connected to the Tamworth Townsafe scheme. All will receive training in first aid and training from police in how to deal with given situations.  They will have a base in the town centre where they will serve tea and coffee.

Vic said: “This is about being a friend, not about pushing the Gospel or ramming Christianity down people’s throats, it is open to anyone of any faith or no faith at all, we are looking for a good mix of people aged 18 upwards.”

Tamworth’s Chief Inspector Donna Gibbs supports the scheme. She said: “We are looking forward to having Street Angels in Tamworth, they have had a tremendous positive impact in other areas of Staffordshire. They will be a valuable part of the team, freeing up officers to deal with enforcement issues.”

A public meeting for all those interested in finding out more about the project will be held on Friday (November 8) at St Francis Church in Masefield Drive at 7.30pm.

Anyone wishing to find out more can email or ring (01827) 319945.

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