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Street Angels Meeting: 21st July 2015

TSAMeetJul15The meeting at St Francis’ Church last night proved to be enjoyable and informative as Paul¬†Blakey updated us on the happenings in CNI and, by visiting us, clocked up visit number 70 out of 130 (yes, there are 130 Street Angels and other projects)!

We were also blessed by the visit of Rick Hill (from Lichfield Listeners) who told us a little of the work they do and some of the encounters they have had.

In all, a great night, now looking forward to another in October (how does Tuesday 20th sound to people?).

Thank you to all who attended.


Visit of Paul Blakey to Tamworth Street Angels

Paul (and Jean I hope) will be visiting Tamworth on¬†Tuesday 21st July 2015 @ 7:30pm:¬†The venue for ¬†the evening will be St Francis’ Church, Masefield Drive, Tamworth ¬†B79 8JB


Paul will be coming to touch base and update on the work of CNI generally and we will hopefully be joined by members of other groups and hopefully some representation for the council and the local policing unit too.

We have much to share and much to celebrate so please make a note in your diary about the evening and bring others along so they can get a feel for who we are and what we do and perhaps sign up and join us too.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Street Angels visit Tamworth Rotary Club

Tuesday the 30th September saw us visit the Tamworth Rotary Club to tell them a bit about what we do and how we operate. The evening was hosted by Roasters on Ventura (a great experience as ever) and the questions the members asked were engaged and thoughtful (as you’d expect).

At the end of the evening they gave Tamworth Street Angels a donation towards the work Рsomething that was greatly appreciated and, of course, most welcome.

Hopefully some of the members might take up our offer of coming out as observers to see what a great experience it is to be out there showing God’s love to the people of our town.

Grant presenting the cheque to me on behalf of Tamworth Rotary Club

First Aid Training

The next First Aid  Course will take place on Sunday 30th November.

The training begins at 12:30 and will end somewhere before 20:00.
Food will be provided.

Venue: St Francis’ Church

This is a one-day course which provides all the necessary skills to deal with the majority of the medical situations we encounter on the streets and enables us to triage and pass over any injured (or unwell) people to the Ambulance service should this be required (and, generally, it rarely is).

If you are a Street Angel and have not done this course yet then please consider attending this as a matter of importance as it is something of great value on the streets, in the workplace and in the home too.

The trainer is not only experienced and is in great  demand so having them teach is a real blessing Рplease take advantage of this opportunity.


Tamworth’s Street Angels hoping for new members in time for the World Cup

By Tamworth Herald  |  Posted: June 11, 2014

Tamworth's Street Angels hoping for new members in time for the World Cup

Tamworth’s Street Angels hoping for new members in time for the World Cup

Tamworth’s Street Angels are hoping a host of heavenly helpers will join them when they take on extra shifts during the World Cup.The Street Angels have been lending a¬†helping hand on the streets of Tamworth since November and have proved a resounding success. Teams of Street Angels take turns to patrol the town‚Äôs streets between 10.30pm and 2.30am every Friday night ‚Äď and now plan to also work on Saturdays.Each team has a trained First Responder with appropriate kit and a Townsafe radio linked to the Townsafe network¬†and the other groups on the night patrols.They carry special foil hoodies for revellers who are suffering from cold as well as flip-flops to replace lost shoes or high heels, water, tissues, wet wipes, plasters, rubber gloves and any other items required to clean up vomit or enable first-aid

Leyfield‚Äôs vicar Vic Van ¬†Den Bergh is behind the Tamworth scheme.¬†He said: ‚ÄúTamworth Street Angels have been working on the streets of Tamworth for six months helping people in a variety of ways and now it’s time for them to step up a gear as summer and the World Cup draw ever nearer.

“Over the past six months they have been joined by various observers to see what really happens, one of them being former mayor Lee Bates. All have been most impressed by the commitment and energy of the teams. There is an opportunity for those who think they might like to be a Street Angel to come out with them to see first hand what it takes to be part of the team.

“Those who decide to join will find themselves receiving first aid and other training that will not only help them to support the people of Tamworth but will make them that little bit more confident¬†when faced with challenges and decisions.

“Joining is free and the benefits¬†from meeting the people on a Friday night are immeasurable.”

Why not be an angel and consider joining them? A recruitment evening for anyone wishing to join the Street Angels is being held tonight (Thursday June 12) at 7.30pm at St Francis Church in Masefield Drive, Leyfields.

Read more:


Come and meet the Street Angels

There is an opportunity to find out more about what being a Street Angels is all about ¬†and to find out whether it’s the right thing for you to get involved in.

This meeting will answer your questions and hopefully get you to get involved with one of Tamworth’s best ‘safer streets’ initiatives.

Come and find out more: